Yoda says in The Empire Strikes Back, "Do or do not. There is no "try". Trying is what we do when we aren't willing to make a commitment. We say, "I'll try," when our heart isn't ready to give a full effort. It's what we say when we can't admit that our resolve is wimpy. And it's the lie that will defeat us.
Even though the task seems daunting, we can choose something that will help. We can't move the mountain, but we can regularly pick up some rocks.  By yourself, that effort seems fruitless. But with Recovery Training by your side, it is a TEAM EFFORT! With my knowledge and experience, there are more of us picking up those rocks. Every action we take leads somewhere and sets up for the next action.  I can even help you overcome past mistakes that have hindered your progress and avoid new ones.
Since you are on this site, there obviously is a need for improvement. Strength training and fitness training for seniors (or training for baby boomers) and everybody else begins with this concept. Let me help you change that "try" to a "do". The next section describes the ingredients you will need to make that happen.

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