“Bob, brings a lot of knowledge and experience to personal training. I have referred him some challenging patients and he has helped each one of them acheive their goals despite the physical limitations they had." C. B. Daniel, MD

President, Cenegenics Phoenix, Partner at Cenegenics Medical Institute (USA)

“I have been a competitive horseback rider for 15 years. I have always wanted more stamina and endurance to compete at a higher level. Bob has put me on a program that has allowed me to be more successful during competition with the added benefit of losing 27 pounds and 3 pant sizes." Linda S., M.D.

“I have been working with Bob for almost a year. He has helped me not only with my physical conditioning, but, also. the proper nutritional program to follow. He will do what ever it takes to help you achieve your goals. He makes you accountable and does not like to hear the word ' can't'. This is not a hobby with Bob, but a way of life that he wants all his clients to embrace” George G.

"I have been working with Bob about a year and a half. I was overweight and out of shape. For me life and work got in the way with my exercise program. As a result, I managed to put on about 50 pounds. For a family gathering or a party, I was always wondering if I should try on the pants I already had or run out at the last minute to get something that fit. I got tired of knowing that I could get off my various medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol if I just got healthier. The kicker for me was when my 6 year old daughter said to me one day, ' Daddy, you're fat!' My first several months with Bob gave me the kick start I needed. He provided the strength training and I was on my own to do the cardio on the days I did not train with Bob. Although, I did not jump on the cardio bandwagon at first, I managed to finally push myself in daily cardio routines. As my strength training and cardio progressed, Bob became a valuable resource. He provided me with the necessary steps needed to increase my workouts and burn the weight I've gained. In the last 4 months, I really started to focus on my diet as well as exercise. I was able to bounce my ideas off Bob and he always had suggestions as to what to try. Having Bob as a resource paid off; I've dropped 40 pounds-35 of them came off in the last 4 months...Under Bob's guidance and patience, I've changed for the better. My doctor took me off blood pressure and cholesterol medications as a result of my hard work. At 43, I feel and look better, have more energy and running on a regular basis again. I'm looking forward to continue working with Bob as I continue to live a healthier life." Jon W.

"I have the utmost respect for his knowledge and his willingness to make my goals his...He knows his business, works hard at what he preaches, and wants more than anything for his folks (clients) to improve... call me for a reference." Richard K.