Success Story – Jon W.

  jonJon's Story is pretty typical of my clients that are over 40 and wish to lose weight. Sometimes, clients are reluctant to adopt all of the training process. They try to hold on to their old ideas, especially where diet and cardiovascular activity are concerned. They continue to eat the same as they did in their 20's and stick to the same cardiovascular activity as they have done for years or resume what they did in their 20's. Unfortunately, this rarely works. The metabolism changes as we age, and the changes become more dramatic and apparent after 40. Jon came to me after working with another trainer. He was still over-weight and quite a bit weaker than he should have been. Immediately, I converted his generic resistance training to customized personal training by taking full advantage the periodic training method at the core of Recovery Training. As with all my clients, we worked on stability, balance, endurance, and strength. His progress was slow, but managed to drop 10 pounds and his strength improved dramatically. During our workouts, I would stress the importance of diet and cardiovascular activity. Slowly but surely, Jon changed his cardio routine. Fat on his extremities diminished, but the belly fat remained. As with most fitness trainers, I began to hound him on making changes in his diet, just like I do when training baby boomers. I told him that his metabolism has changed and he needs to make better dietary choices. But with most parents with young children, the snacks, fatty foods and sweets purchased for the children were too tempting to resist. Finally, the combination of my constant barrage on making dietary changes and one of his kids telling him he was fat (see Jon's testimonial), he was able to resist the temptations and focus on eating the best he can. As a result of fully adopting the 3-pronged attack, he dropped 40lbs. in about 2 months and returned to jogging--an activity that he has not done consistently for over ten years.