Success Story – Elaine

success-story1Perhaps one of the most memorable clients that I have had the pleasure to work with is a current client, Elaine. Elaine and I met for her initial assessment and goal evaluation meeting July 27, 2010. Her basic measurements revealed her beginning weight was 190 lbs., her Body Fat was 43%, and her BMI was 35.7. She was 71 years old. Her medical history revealed that she was in a car wreck, where 6 ribs were broken and a punctured lung. She had been to physical therapy for frozen left and right shoulders. Limited movement was restored, but both were very weak. She had non-specific knee pain in both knees. She had diabetes, and was on low-dosage medication. Her posture had a 45 degree forward tilt. With the help of the Duke Rice Diet, she had dropped 70 lbs prior to coming to me. She had been walking some, but never more than a mile. She had never been in a gym, except for some water aerobic classes in the last six months. The situation presented involved strength training for seniors, periodic training, fitness training with injuries, and highly customized personal training. While I accepted the challenge she presented, in the back of my mind I thought to myself her chances were slim at best. Shaking away that thought, we got down to a plan of action. Her goal weight was set at 150 lbs. and she was assigned to walk 3 miles, 5 times a week, ride the recumbent bike 3 days a week, and meet with me for resistant training twice a week. After receiving her cardio homework, she did look at me as if I had lost my mind, but she did not complain or argue, but did as instructed. After I received clearance from her physicians, we began her transformation. I utilized the periodic method that I have described previously to address her weaknesses. As time went on, I soon learned how committed and motivated she truly was. She accepted every challenge without complaint and humbly achieved every goal presented. The weight seemed to melt away as her self-esteem increased. Her movement and posture was greatly improvement as her smile grew. Even though she was retired, she became a tire-less volunteer in her church community. She did not let it stop there. She was immersed into helping others. Finally, the weigh-in came to see if she met her goal weight. On April 4, 2011, Elaine's weight was 139 lbs., 11 lbs less than her goal of 150 lbs. Since then, her lowest weight has been 133 lbs, and maintained a steady range weight of 133-135 lbs. for over two years. Her BMI and Body Fat percentage are below normal for her age. Her shoulders are much stronger and much better movement. Her knee pain is gone. She no longer requires medication for diabetes or needs to monitor it. She stands upright. She does have arthritis in her lower back, but it does interfere with her life. We continue to work together to meet her current and future needs. I am truly fortunate to be a professional personal trainer and have a ringside seat in her transformation I was indeed blessed to work with such a remarkable and gracious lady!