I hear it everyday..."I really need your help and am seriously planning to start working with you. I just have not gotten  "around to it." Generally speaking, those people never start, unless something drastic happens. In their minds, the consequences are not likely to happen. Even then, they would  rather face the consequences, than change their lifestyle. For whatever reason, some people refuse to change, even if it is a change for the better. I would love to say that I am immune from not being affected by those that refuse to let me help them, but having to comfort loved ones of a deceased "round-to-it" or visiting a "round-to-it"  in the hospital after major surgery is not how I like to spend my time.  In fairness to those people, I must point out that the reason for not starting might be financial or some other legitimate,  unrevealed  reason. My argument to that is my health is the most important thing in my life. My body,  as well as everybody else's, is a very precious gift and I treat it accordingly. My body is my responsibility, your body is yours. Whether you work work with me or not, the point is best summed by the line from the movie, Shawshank Redemption, "...It comes down to a simple choice-get busy living or get busy dying."

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