At some point, baby boomers will decide that they need to address their fitness needs. It may be due to a suggestion from their primary care physician, due to high triglycerides, cholesterol levels, obesity, glucose tolerance, high blood pressure, or cardiac problems. The suggestion may come from friends and/or loved ones, or simply, being tired of being sedentary, or a combination of all three. The purpose of this article is to examine the fitness needs of those over 40 and how Recovery Training meets those needs. Beginning in the 40's. changes in the metabolism has occurred and become noticeably slower. There is a tendency to have an increase in normal body weight because of a increase in body fat. You may have weighed 150 lbs. most of your life, and you have noticed that, after turning 40, your normal body weight is now 160 lbs. Ignoring the significance of the 10 extra pounds, you find that you are carrying 20, 30, or more pounds into your 50's and 60's. As a result, your lifestyle becomes increasingly sedentary resulting in obesity. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, leading to other chronic diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes. In addition, the sedentary lifestyle often leads to lower back pain, as a result of neuromuscular degeneration. 80% of all baby boomers have experienced lower back pain at some point. Lower back pain can greatly diminish productivity in the workplace and leisure activities. Compensations from it can have a negative impact on other areas of the body, causing other muscle imbalances. When considering fitness training for men and women over 40, or' simply, baby boomers, most men, and some women, know the basics of the acute variables of load, reps, and sets with regard to the strength training component. However, they lack the understanding and application of human movement science (functional anatomy, functional biomechanics, and motor behavior) to make their efforts effective. They, also, generally have some idea about the cardiorespiratory aspect, by walking (perhaps even jogging), biking, swimming, etc. However, seniors sometimes attempt to duplicate the level of their past, and over due it. They lack the knowledge to set parameters to make their cardio activities effective and reduce the likelihood of overtraining. By focusing on the diet, cardiorespiratory activity, and resistance training, Recovery Training finds solutions to their health concerns. The initial assessment and consultation determines the specific needs of the client and the current level of fitness . The information obtained from the assessment and the primary care physician, if necessary, will form the base of the customized program and allow for the formation of achievable goals. The first thing clients notice from a Recovery Training fitness program is a reduction in triglyceride levels, better cholesterol levels and the ratio of HDL and LDL, lower blood pressure, and a reduction in blood glucose. Over time, depending on how closely they follow their dietary recommendations and execute their cardio goals, the clients can expect to experience a reduction in body fat. Usually, clients will begin to notice that their clothes are much looser. Please don't be upset with me if have to buy a new wardrobe! I have devoted several pages on my website to describe the strength training process, but the main thing that Recovery Training's integrative nature produces is greater stabilization in all areas of the body, improving movement and functionality. More over, Recovery Training sets parameters for the individual resistance training and cardiorespiratory workouts, limiting the daily volume and, thus, the weekly of volume of activities to eliminate the possibility of overtraining. Overtraining produces recurring fatigue. Fatigue plagues the fitness program, and leads to injury or, simply quitting all together. Consistency is extremely important to produce results in those fitness programs for those over 40. (For more on the role of consistency, please visit my page, "Essentials to Training Success.") Finally, there is another reason for baby boomers to choose Recovery Training. Cenegenics, the global leader in age management, and Recovery Training have teamed up to form the most comprehensive fitness programs for baby boomers. With Cenegenics's superior medical testing and assessment, cognitive testing, hormone optimization, and low-glycemic nutrition plans, I am able to eliminate any guesswork I might have in the formulation of the program, producing as close to a perfect program as conceivable. Cenegenics has a variety of programs and the right one will be selected to best suit your needs. For more information about Cenegenics and determining if it is right for you, please call or email me. Training baby boomers in Memphis is not a problem. Recovery Training does produce results for those who choose to follow the programs. Remember your goals are my goals. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

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